Expert advice

VinciWorks' team of risk consultants bring deep domain experience and extensive knowledge of best practice methodologies. Trained at the Institute of Risk Management, our experts can work with you to design and implement an integrated risk management framework and advise you on risks in your sector.

Our systematic approach to ERM begins by evaluating an organisation’s risk maturity, risk appetite and risk tolerance to ensure that your risk management activities are commensurate with your risk culture. Our experts understand that risk managers have severe time constraints. They work with you to offload many risk management activities and provide you with the peace of mind that all of the reports will be up to date.

Workshops we offer

  • Creating a risk management framework
  • Risk Identification workshops
  • Risk treatment workshops
  • Creating a risk management policy
  • Engaging stakeholders in risk management

Our Consulting Services

Each consulting package is tailored to the risk profile and risk maturity of the organisation.

In addition, VinciWorks consultants can use the VinciWorks Risk Management System and Incidents & Breaches Register to provide ongoing, automated, risk management support.